Finding your true creative self

Dear friends,

Welcome to my very first blog!

I thought Id write about finding our own true creativeness for my first write-up, now some may say that’s easy, everyone should know exactly what they are good at! However, it’s not always the case. As some of you may already know,  I’m a musician/singer songwriter and although I’ve always known I could play guitar, and sing songs at a young age, it wasn’t until my later years in life that I truly understood and actually felt what it meant.

I mean truly understood! When you can take one single thought from ones mind and create a whole new adventure, be it a piece of art, story, composing music or a song. To an artistic creation that will last a lifetime, or one that just brings a smile to someone’s face, but will last forever in their memories, well that’s a pretty awesome thing to achieve! I’ve known so many people in the past that have lived out their whole lives, and never got in touch with their true creative side! We all have it, each and every one of us, it just needs a little coaxing and persuasion to come out. However It’s never too late, no matter how old you are. If you’ve already found yours then that’s fantastic,  if your still searching, and don’t really quite know what yours is, ask yourself this three questions. 1* What do YOU absolutely love to do? The one thing that really makes you have that inner happy feeling!  2* What is your passion? That thing that you just can’t stop doing! 3* What are you good at? Be honest with yourself on this one! We can be our own worst critics! If you still cant find it then ask a loved one, or a good friend and they will tell you what your strengths are. Be happy creating, if your still searching, happy hunting!

Shizzy x


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